Zeta Phi ("Zeta") Fraternity

     The Zeta Phi fraternity, formerly known as the Lions but now the Rats, was founded in 1931. Zeta has transformed young men into leaders through community service, campus involvement, and athletic achievement. We have made tremendous improvements in our chapter the past couple years and we are going to continue striding forward. We have doubled our active members for the past three years because of the leadership that we possess. The number one reason for our strong brotherhood is our rigorous pledging process, which allows us to have strong individuals with the passion to be apart of Zeta with variety of backgrounds and interests. As an active member it is important to realize that being apart of Zeta is not a four-year deal, but rather a lifetime. We have strong alumni who support us everyday in all decisions that are made. Our alumni own our house, which helps with improvements and communication. We talk on a weekly basis, which helps keep in touch with previous active members from numerous generations of graduates. Before deciding which chapter you would like to join understand that Zeta Phi is not just a fraternity, but also a brotherhood and family you will have for the rest of your life.